Treats For Hamsters (and Other Rodents)

Small animals really like food items, in particular treats. Giving your smaller pet these extra treats is a good way to insert to its staple food items and retains it healthy and joyful. You should really normally keep in head that treats should really be supplied moderately, in particular sugary or fatty foods. When offering treats you should really also believe about what type of issues your pet should really and shouldn’t consume, for illustration chinchillas should really stay clear of sugary foods. Here are some issues smaller animals will really like to consume:

Clean Fruits and vegetables:

Small animals really like to consume vegetables and the occasional fruit it not only offers them a yummy treat but also assists keep their enamel limited and fur shiny. Veggies such as carrot, peas and sweetcorn make excellent choices. Make certain to give in moderation, one particular pea or sweet corn is adequate for a hamster, and the close of a carrot will make an enough treat, guarantee you take out any uneaten food items so that it will never go mouldy and pose a threat to your pet.

In the fruit section you can give smaller slices of refreshing apple, watermelon or pear, fifty percent a grape or strawberry, or smaller amounts of berries such as blackcurrant, cranberries or blueberries. Do not feed large acidic foods such as oranges or lemon and stay clear of sugary foods such as refreshing banana. Also bear in mind with equally fruits and veg to wash it extensively as there may possibly be hazardous pesticides or residue from them.

Dried fruits and vegetables:

Lots of pet merchants will inventory dried fruit and vegetables for your smaller animal. These are excellent choices, as they have no preservatives or extras added like you may find in grocery store manufacturers meant for people!

A further optimistic to these is several of the fruits are secure for your smaller animals to consume dried and thus they occur in a staggering variety. They also will never go mouldy so can be placed in the food items bowl to zing up your pet’s regular food items.

Types occur individual or mixed typically with coconut, peanuts or popcorn! Some frequent varieties incorporate: Dried banana, dried strawberries, dried kiwi, dried papaya, pineapple or passion fruit, dried leek, dried tomato, dried artichoke, dried potato, dried apple, dried coconut and raisins.

Herbs and vegetation

Some vegetation and herbs can be unsafe to your pet so you should really normally find out first, commonly if in doubt stay clear of it! You should really normally wash any refreshing herbs or vegetation prior to offering them to your pet! Lots of smaller animals will delight in nibbling refreshing grass and even more delight in dandelion leaves.

Dried herbs and flowers are generally offered as treats for hamsters and other smaller animals and are commonly safer than feeding your pet vegetation you find. Also due to the fact they are dried you you should not have to worry about them going off. You can combine them in with the dry food items to make it more appealing or supply a individual bowl for the mixture.

Some frequent herbs are Salvia, Parsley, Thyme, Bulbiferous Sunflower (Topinambur), Marjoram, Willow Bark, Milfoil, Linden flower, Goats Rue, Briar Rose, Dandelion, Chicory, Cornflower, Plantain, Mint, Nettle, Chamomile, Marigold and often Birch Tree Leaves. All of which make a good and appealing treat for your hamster or smaller animal.

Nuts, seeds and grains

Nuts, seeds and grains are good for smaller animals as they enable to grind down enamel and supply critical oils and fats for healthy eyesight, expansion and pores and skin. The greater part of foods supply these previously, so several are unneeded as treats. Nonetheless if your pet is on a pellet diet or you just want to spoil them these can be an excellent preference.

Peanuts, in the shell or not, make a good treat that most smaller animals will go wild for. Nonetheless be thorough not to give to several as your pet may possibly decide to consume only peanuts, which is undesirable for it’s wellness. Hamsters have a lot of enjoyment de-shelling the ‘monkey nut’ variety and this assists keep their enamel healthy too! Make certain to get nuts for both wild birds or hamsters so that they are free of salts, preservatives or nearly anything hazardous.

Equivalent to peanuts is the sunflower seed, which can be mixed into food items or supplied separately, smaller animals really like using the husk off of these, but just like peanuts only feed a smaller quantity and make certain they are secure for your small critter!

Hanging snack bars

Built from grains, seeds and other tasty treats, these bars of yummy food items can be hung from cages or d├ęcor inside of the enclosure. They not only supply tons of tooth gnawing treats, but tons of work out too. They can occur in all types of flavours, from honey and nut to rose petal, strawberry, seeds, banana and fruit.

Chocolate for hamsters?

You should really under no circumstances feed your hamster chocolate, as it consists of several substances that are hazardous for your small pet. Nonetheless several treats are offered as ‘hamster chocs’ these are in fact a blend of substances that though large in extra fat and sugar make really appealing and tasty treats. They should really be supplied moderately, as the fats and sugars will give your hamster electrical power but too several could make them unhealthy.

These treats are generally uncovered in ‘chocolate’ flavour, milk flavour or even sometimes honey flavour. You may possibly also find them in fruit flavours, which include berry, strawberry or even vegetable flavours such as carrot or leek!

Crunchy things

Crunchy things is critical as it assists have on down those people ever developing enamel! There is a entire array of biscuit treats, some stuffed with yummy apple or other fruits and some that are just flavoured like fruits, vegetables or cheese. You can also give extremely, extremely smaller items of brown bread toast and the occasional pet biscuit is also nicely appreciated!

Other treats

There are some other kinds of treat that you can give. Some are occasional and others are a small different, all of them will supply enjoyment and enjoyment to your pet.


Dried mealworms, supplied both individual or mixed with food items supply protein and enjoyment for your hamster. Do not give too several!


Simple popcorn, not the type you get from the grocery store, offers a enjoyment treat. You can even get microwavable maize sticks to make your possess hamster treats at household!


Hamsters like a extremely smaller quantity of cheese, but it wants to be smaller. No more than fifty percent a centimetre cube. You also need to have to make certain that your hamster does not retail store it as it could go mouldy!

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