5 Floor Wine Rack Designs That Protect Your Wine From Toddlers

Many parents begin child proofing their home before their little one even gets on their feet and with good reason. Small children need to be safe from anything that may put them in any danger. It is your responsibility as parents to make sure their environment is as safe as possible. This does not mean you need to get rid of your wine collection. In fact, here are 5 floor wine rack designs that protect your wine from toddlers.

1. Wrought Iron Wine Jail – This unit is a perfect example of a floor rack wine holder. They come at a height of approximately six feet. It can hold approximately 100 bottles and padlocks for little ones safety. This is sure to give mom and dad piece of mind that their baby will not find their way into the wine cabinet. If you have a hefty wine collection this is a perfect solution.

2. Wooden Wine Rack – You can choose to put up a wooden wine rack with the lockable door. By using the non-chip paint, you ensure even more that your child is safe from any thing that is harmful to them. Some people like to bolt the racks either to the floor or wall, depending on height and weight to ensure that your little one cannot pull it over and either hurt themselves or simply break all your bottles of wine.

3. Portable Wine Cellar – There is a long-term solution for those that have a wine collection they would like to store in a toddler proof climate control mechanism. This is ideal if you have no actual wine cellar but still want the collection. Choose not only a wine cellar that is capable of holding a collection of about 100 bottle of wine with the lockable door to keep your little one out. An added bonus is an alarm if it is open more than a few minutes and a childproof temperature control. This portable wine cellar is one that your wee one will not push buttons and set your temperature of wine from a nice chill to a hot summer day.

4. Countertops for Floor Racks – If you budget does not allow for a large rack with lockable doors to protect your son or daughter try a small portable floor rack. This one is small enough to put up on a countertop or shelf out of reach of your child.

5. Hanging Floor Rack Wine Holder – Floor racks for the moderate wine drinker are ideal to find a place to hang them. You can protect your toddler by having a rack that never touches the floor where they might have a chance to get a hold of it.

Source by Sam Dunbar

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