Container Gardening – Can Your Balcony Take the Weight?

Rising plants in pots and planters can include significant tension, bodyweight-clever, to your balcony or roof. It could appear an noticeable thought, but judging by what is prevalent in several houses, it is distinct that several folks are basically unaware that their roof or balcony garden has exceeded the bodyweight limit that the creating codes stipulate for any provided predicament. It could be worthy of thinking about the implications, both equally lawful and normally, in the function of an accident.

It would be sensible hence, to invite a creating engineer to examine your balcony. In the meantime, below is a regular illustration. A balcony could have a bodyweight limit of 150 kilograms for every sq. meter. The quantity of a very big pot containing a tree that reaches some 4 meters in top, could have a quantity that is about 150 liters. As a single liter of drinking water weighs a single kilogram, it follows that the bodyweight of the pot filled with drinking water, would access 150 kilograms. This is devoid of potting soil, and the bodyweight of the tree. I have frequently noticed the bodyweight limit exceeded four or 5 moments about! Right here then are some recommendations to maintain you on observe.

The Container

To start with, select lightweight containers. Plastic is naturally the lightest materials, though you could dislike, as I do, the very concept of mock terracotta pots. However, there are several plastic solutions available these days that are really aesthetic. The rule is to stay away from solutions that are pretending to be a thing they are not, these kinds of as some phony ceramic container.

The sizing of the pot is the upcoming thought. To maintain the bodyweight down, you have to limit the proportions of the container. This signifies that it is nearly not possible to develop plants over and above a top of 2-2.5 meters, (6-8 ft) mainly because taller plants, have to have a deeper pot to prevent them toppling about in the wind. The deeper the pot of study course, the bigger the bodyweight exerted on the floor.

The Potting Combination

There are excellent horticultural reasons for developing container plants in an artificial potting medium as opposed to garden soil. However, just in circumstance you have been imagining of ignoring these, just feel of the bodyweight element, as the bodyweight of soil, specially clay soil, expands exponentially when saturated with drinking water. From each and every point of see hence, garden soil really should by no means be made use of in containers grown on the roof or balcony. The question is which style of potting medium is the most suitable, at least from the bodyweight angle? Unquestionably, the media these kinds of as “Perlite”, which are both equally extremely gentle, nevertheless retain sufficient dampness, are to be preferred to the usual potting mixtures, whose bodyweight also will increase substantially, when soaked.

Source by Jonathan Ya’akobi

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