Cut Your Own Hair – Trendy Hairstyles For Men and Women That You Can Do at Home

Nowadays, it is possible to cut your own hair according to the trendy hairstyles we see on television and movies, especially on Hollywood stars. You need not spend hundreds of dollars, like they do, on hair salon cuts because you can replicate them in the comfort and convenience, not to mention the low-cost, atmosphere of your home.

This is made possible because of home haircut kits that consist of all the things you will need from the scissors to the comb to the razor. Here then are the trendy hairstyles for men and women that lend themselves well to haircuts at home.

For Men

Fortunately for men, gone are the days when long sideburns, long hair and long mops were the trends, which often avoided the necessity to cut your own hair. Or let it be cut by other people, for that matter, especially the hippy days of the 60s.

Nowdays, the focus is on easy maintenance with a touch of the metrosexual about the hairstyle. Just take a look at these styles of famous men to get the point.

  • Side Part – From the boardrooms of major corporations to the bedrooms of known Casanovas, the side part is a staple of men's hairstyles. It can work on many facial shapes, chronological ages, and social status simply because it is a very versatile hairstyle that spells business and suaveness, often simultanously.
  • Long Part – For the younger man with artistic inclinations, the long part is simply the side part's longer version. You can cut your own hair with this style although you must remember to remove the correct amount of weight lest it shows too heavy or too light.
  • Buzz Cut – If you want very low-maintenance hair that will still make you look good no matter the occasion and company, the buzz cut is the answer. You will need to trim it regularly for a clean look but beyond that, it is the epitome of the wash-and-wear hairstyle.

Also, men's hairstyles do not really evolve as fast as women's hairstyles do so it definitely is a point in their favor.

For Women

For women, the process involved to cut your own hair at home may be more complicated since volume and volume is very important to achieve just the right look. Still, with the right skills and tools, it is possible.

  • Sedu – Short for seductive, this is the hairstyle popularized by Jennifer Aniston in her role as Rachel in the popular sitcom Friends, thus, its other name of "The Rachel". It will make you look attractive without making too much of an effort, literally and figuratively.
  • Bob – Seen on the likes of Victoria Beckham, the bob has many variations to suit individual styles, shapes and sizes. You can have it cut even on all sides or with longer side towards the face, either of which lend themselves to easy processes when you want to cut your own hair and still be fashionable.

To be updated as possible with the trends in hairstyles, it is almost mandatory to browse through the fashion magazines and websites, ask salon owners and even observve how a certain hairstyle is achieved by the professionals. And then you can repeat the process on your own hair or that of your family and friends.

Source by Tracy Silvers

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