Cutting Your Own Hair at Home – Made Easy

When It comes to cutting your own hair. You will want to avoid some mistakes a lot of people make. When they decide to cut hair themselves.

When cutting hair for the first time I suggest you keep the cuts simple at first. Meaning say with a simple one length cut or trim. This can be done every 4 to 5 weeks.

Cutting Tools you will want to have.

A big mirror, a well lite room, a spray bottle with water, a hand mirror, half a dozen hair clips, a comb and a pair of sharp hair scissors. Sharp scissors are very important, as dull scissors will damage the hair.

Wash Your Hair

It's much easier to cut hair that has been cleaned and conditioned. It just a lot easier to cut clean hair that is wet. Now your ready to get started. When your hair begins to dry while your cutting just re-spray with your water bottle.

Always remember that its better to cut too little than too much and start with a single length haircut at first.
Hair that is one length is much easiest to do. Just follow the steps below by cutting the same amount off at the ends and only cut using small sections at a time. When you are finished cutting just brush or comb down and check for any hairs that you may have missed. Once completed, just blow dry and style.


Begin by combing your bangs straight down, be sure not to include side hairs. You can clip the rest of the hair your not cutting back. Next, take your bangs between your index and middle fingers and pull them down using very little to no tension then just trim small amounts at a slight angle. The best and easiest way to do this is to point cut with your scissors.

Sides and Layers

Once your comfortable with cutting. You can cut layers into your hair. If you have or want layers all over, you will want to follow this simple process. First start in the center back at the top of you head (The Crown) With your comb, that a small section out from the crown and bring it up and out from the head and at least a 45 degree angle and cut no more the a inch off at first. This will create low layer around the bottom of the hair line. Continue this around the head until you get to the sides. Then repeat moving center back to the other site.

The reason you need to cut in small sections is that its easier to work with. If you try to hold and cut too much hair at once, it will result in being uneven or choppy. Once you get more advanced at cutting you sections can be larger.

You should be able to take out layers of similar lengths by using your comb as a guide and holding the hair between your index and middle fingers, as you did with your bangs. Slide your fingers down to leave a fairly straight line. Then cut all the way across. For side angles, follow the same technique, being sure to angle your index and middle fingers to follow the angle of your hair. Meaning if your bringing the hair out at 45 degree angle then your comb and fingers also need to be at this angle.

Cutting the hair in back

Trying to cut your hair in the back is a bit tricky, but with some practice, you will get the hang of it. Be sure
to just take your time, making sure that your check each of the cuts. This can be doing by using your hand mirror or it you have to stand up mirrors. Remember work in small sections.

Source by Michael A Stephens

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