Delicious Japanese Pork Kushiyaki Recipe

One of the sites I appreciate to hang out in Japan is at the “izakayas” (shops or establishments that serves beverages, alcoholic beverages drinks and also serves food stuff. Izakayas are almost everywhere and are primarily open all night. The wide range of food stuff in their menu lists are not as very long in comparison to normal cafe but they do have their specialties.

My favored izakaya is situated just a several blocks absent from my apartment and they offer fairly a extended list of menu in comparison to the other izakayas that I know of. I generally have supper there due to the fact I appreciate the food stuff, the helpful environment and the fair charges of their food stuff and drinks.

One of my favored in the izakaya is pork kushiyaki. The term “kushi” implies skewer, “yaki” implies grilled and “buta” suggest pork. I usually take in about 8 kushiyaki each individual time I go there collectively with some “sake” (Japanese rice wine) and one or two cups of rice.

Pork kushiyaki is not exceptional only to izakayas but is also an outside barbeque favored. They are also bought at groceries geared up or cooked but creating and cooking pork kushiyaki by you at residence is not that tricky to do.

Pork Kushiyaki (for two)



– One tablespoon Japanese soy sauce
– 1/four teaspoon of pepper
– Two tablespoons of Japanese rice wine (sake)
– 1/four teaspoon of peeled and crushed garlic
– 400 grams pork
– One or two green bell peppers
– One cup of mushrooms
– One onion
– Barbeque sticks


– Lower the pork to smaller cubes
– Lower the green bell pepper in 50 % and eliminate the seeds and the veins, wash and slice into quarter.
– Peel the onion and slice into quarter.
– Adhere the pork, onions, mushrooms and green pepper to a BBQ adhere in an alternating patten.
– Marinade all the elements
– To cook, put all the elements on the grill side by side and change them close to consistently.
– Even though cooking, use the a skinny coating of the marinade sauce using a cooking brush.

Best served with white rice and new salad.

This is the recipe that my Japanese neighbor who is also a excellent pal of mine taught me when we produced pork kushiyaki at his property. The elements are not tricky to obtain, the preparing is simple, cooking is pleasurable in particular if you have a bottle of sake beside you. Make sure you try this delightful recipe, I am sure you will get pleasure from it. 

Source by James A Bruce

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