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Consumers spend a fortune of expensive skin care and cosmetic products with the high hopes these products will help improve their appearance quickly and easily. These products hold many wonderful claims including a more youthful appearance, a reduction in lines and wrinkles… the list could go on and on. The question is are these products really worth the price tag and how many times are women disappointed?

The dream is that by spending more money on lotions and potions you can stop the cruel reality of ageing and even after a hard week at the office not appear quite as worn out and tired as you really feel. However, may I be daring and question these grand claims. I feel that by women spending money on expensive skincare and cosmetics that are really buying into the ‘cosmetic ideal’ and a marketers haven – feeding the brands hunger for cash and the consumers hunger for perfection.

I question, are brands really selling these products as a substitute for cosmetic surgery? I say this because so many claim to achieve the same results. I believe they are and I don’t think its fair – you can not get something that requires knives, surgeons and a large overdraft in a face or body cream. The shocking fact is many women think they can and that’s why these products are so popular.

I think it’s time women celebrated who they are and instead of seeking products to change them why not embrace who you? Instead of buying product to try and change your appearance buy products that suit and flatter – and at a price you can afford. Discount beauty stores offer women a choice of popular cosmetic brands for a fraction of the price they retail for on the high street.

These discount cosmetic websites stocks products that celebrate the creativity and happiness makeup can bring to women and also offers free beauty tips and tricks, DIY beauty treatments and trend reports to keep women up to date with the latest beauty trends.

Women only have to look as far as YouTube for inspiring DIY skin care treatments that are just as effective as a £30.00 bottle of anti-wrinkle cream. Famous YouTube gurus such as Michelle Phan have kept millions entertained on with her wild and wacky DIY beauty alternatives. On one occasion we witnessed her using her own cats litter to create a face mask, yes that’s right cat litter! Its time for women to embrace their beauty and save their money on the things that really matter. Memories are whats really important, so grab some girly friends and have a pampering night trying out some DIY hair and face masks – you will feel wonderful and be glad you didn’t spend your hard-earned cash on expensive products that include the same ingredients you will find in your cats litter tray!

Source by Natalie J Strutt

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