DIY Wedding Makeup – Choosing a Foundation

If funds are a bit tight or you would just rather do your wedding makeup yourself, make sure you have the right 'tools', this means the right makeup products and right applicators. Read these handy tips about choosing the right foundation first so you will look your best in the wedding photos.

Foundation Tips

Foundation is now seen protecting your skin from the aging effects of the sun and air pollution. Many come in variants that are suitable for oily, dry or sensitive skin – they can even balance combination skin and help fight acne. Duplicate the look of perfect skin, rather than perfectly applied makeup. With new treatment benefits, sheer textures and believable color, foundation is your skin's new best friend.

Shading Tips

To select the proper shade, test your foundation on the lower cheek area, just above the jaw line. Select three foundation shades closest to your natural skin tone. Apply one at a time, allowing time for it to react with your skin's acid levels, and then check the color again in natural light. The one that sees to 'disappear' will be the correct shade.

Do not test foundation shades on your wrist.

Never go for a darker shade in the hope that it will make you look more tanned and healthy. Not only will a darker look look unnatural, it will also be almost impossible to blend at the edges.

Remember to check if the foundation has sunscreen. Some sunscreens reflect the light so you will end up looking ghostly pale in all your wedding photos if you have not chosen correctly. Talk to your makeup consultant at the beauty counter for specific product advice.

Source by Anabel Scott

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