Do it Yourself Homecoming Updos Explained

Your hair is one of the most versatile parts of your body because it can be cut, styled, and twisted in various ways to show off the assets of your face. In the past, styling one's hair may have been done out of necessity – the most basic hairstyles were tying the hair behind one's head or letting it fall about one's shoulders.

Today, these two basic styles have had so many variants that it can be quite overwhelming to select one for a special occasion. Hairstyling has become an art of its own, so much so that one can surmise that everyday, various new styles are born as stylists who aim for innovation give birth to the next hairstyle fad.

Homecoming is definitely one important occasion during which a person wants to look his or her best. Women are most especially guilty of this; they go to great lengths to make themselves appear that the world has valued them well these past years. Updos are popular choices hairstyle choices, because this style can make a person look youthful yet sophisticated.

However, there may be times when people just can not afford to pay the salon an exorbitant price to style their hair the way they wanted. The cheapest way to get the hairstyle you want is to do it yourself. Various updos look beautiful and elegant yet complicated, but there are some tips and tricks for a do it yourself homecoming updo.

First, when trying your own updo for your homecoming, it pays to plan ahead and consider the various options you have at hand. You may want to consider the hairstyle trends as seen on celebrities today. Also, do not leave the opportunity of the style to beginner's luck – you might end up with a half-baked hairstyle that would do the opposite of flattering your features. Practice at home days before the event. Your schedule for that day should allow you ample time to wash your hair, apply some moisturizing and setting agents, blow-drying or curling time, and other steps that will be required from you.

Remember that pulling your hair too hard to achieve a bun or a knot behind your head will result in a severe looking hairstyle. For a softer look, allow some wisps of hair to fall about your face. You may also want to use a blow-dryer or a curling. You can also use different accessories to accent the hairstyle you created. Headbands, pins, barrettes, and clips are popular accessories that can accentuate your look.

While you can look to celebrity photographs for inspiration, remember that you can create an innovative hairstyle of your own. Experiment with your hair to create the perfect do it yourself homecoming updo to turn heads during the party. Who knows, you may even set the new hairstyle trend.

Source by Linda Bexlorth

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