Dutch Oven Campfire Recipes – The Devil’s Cherry Cobbler

It is your switch to do the campfire cooking on this weekend’s outdoor camping trip and you have all of your campfire recipes laid out, striving to make a decision which types to use. You want to impress your fellow campers with your skilled culinary abilities, but you will not want to be stuck in the camp kitchen area whilst they have all the exciting possibly. This 1-pot, 1-phase evening meal desert will make sure they bear in mind you. And it is so simple you can prep it in 5 minutes, established it on the fire, and overlook it until it truly is finished. The end result will be a campfire desert they will discuss about for several years.

The Devil’s Cherry Cobbler desert is cooked in a solid iron Dutch oven, and served from it much too. Much less mess, a lot less clean-up. The only cookware you will need to have is a solid iron Dutch oven and a substantial serving spoon.

The Devil’s Cherry Cobbler ingredients:

  • 2 – 18-19oz. boxes Devils Food stuff cake blend
  • 3 – 22oz. cans cherry pie filling
  • 1 – 20oz. bottle Dr. Pepper
  • 1 – stick butter
  • 1oz. cooking oil


  • Open up the Dr. Pepper in advance of time so the carbonation can fizz out, you will not need to have fizz for this campfire recipe.
  • Pour 1oz. of cooking oil into a clean solid iron Dutch oven and use a paper towel to wipe the inside of of the pot with it. Depart any leftover oil in the pot.
  • Open up the cans of cherry pie filling and pour them into the pot.
  • Go in advance and consume about 50 percent of the Dr. Pepper, you only need to have 50 percent a bottle for this recipe. Pour that into the pot much too.
  • Pour both equally boxes of Devils Food stuff cake blend on top rated of the cherry filling and Dr. Pepper. DO NOT STIR!
  • Slice the stick of butter into patties and distribute all-around the top rated of the dry cake blend.
  • Set the lid on the Dutch oven, – You are completely ready.


With this cake-like campfire recipe, you want your Dutch oven to get the job done like an oven, so make sure you have a good deal of very hot campfire coals to use. You will need to have a fantastic bed of coals, at least the exact diameter as your Dutch oven, with sufficient leftover to form a fantastic layer on the lid of the Dutch oven.

This recipe will choose 35 – 45 minutes to prepare dinner. Following 20 minutes elevate the pot and rotate it about 90 degrees a person way, and rotate the lid 90 degrees the other way. Look at the coals on the lid they could need to have to be replenished.

Following 30 minutes elevate the lid and glimpse inside of, the cake ought to glimpse semi-dry all more than, and commencing to pull absent from the pot partitions on the top rated. When the cake seems to be dry and is pulling absent from the sides of the pot all the way all-around, your desert is finished. Take out it from the fire and dump the coals from the lid.

One final suggestion:

When you ladle each and every portion onto your fellow outdoor camper’s plates, be sure to “flip” the portion more than so that the top rated cake aspect lands on the base with the cherries on top rated. This is the crowning touch that will make it a genuine camp cobbler.

This campfire recipe will provide about 15 campers, with maybe a tiny bit leftover for seconds. And there will be requests for seconds! This is a never ever-are unsuccessful camp desert that always leaves them talking about how excellent a camp prepare dinner you are. And you have time to take pleasure in their accolades due to the fact all you experienced to do for clean-up was established the Dutch oven again on the fire and let it bake alone clean

Resource by GA Anderson

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