Escudella Recipe – How To Make A Perfect Andorran Dish

Although Andorran delicacies is mainly Catalan, it also bears some impact from Italy and Spain, thanks to the shut proximity to this smaller region. Due to its mountainous areas, sheep is a frequent livestock animal, generating lamb the favoured meat, but pork options pretty typically in Andorran delicacies as nicely, specially in the sort of sausages and ham. Due to its substantial sea opening, fish is yet another frequent ingredient as nicely.

Clean veggies are paramount for the pretty greatest of Andorran delicacies, and the most frequently employed veggies are potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and income. Staples tend to be pasta and bread, which is generally served with cheese and wine. Foei gras is also pretty frequently uncovered on the Andorran eating table. Andorran delicacies is nicely recognized for using a wide range of cooking methods and strategies. Making use of just the appropriate sum of spices, or becoming able to pair the appropriate wine with your food items is thought of an essential component of Andorran eating.


Escudella is a classic Catalan dish, but with the deft flourishes and infectious persona imparted to it by generations of Andorran cooks, Andorra now has its very own model Escudella, and it incredible adequate to be referred to as Andorra’s countrywide dish.

It is in essence a stew produced from gelatinous bone broth, with the protein in it coming from hen, ham and sausage, alongside with veal or beef bones. There are quite a few variations of Escudella, which is expected considering the fact that it is thought of a traditional peasant dish, and is a consolation food items to a whole lot of Andorrans. Some cooks uncover the Escudella missing in coloration distinction and vibrancy, but that is just a visible part: after you’ve got tasted it, you may be coming back again for extra and extra and extra. It really is certainly a hearty, a single-dish question.

The Substances:

2 cups dry white beans

1 smaller ham bone

1 marrow bone (veal or beef)

1/4 hen (or employed numerous parts, in accordance to your style for white or dark)

400 g uncooked pork sausages, sliced or shaped into balls

2 slices fixed ham, cut in chunks

1 substantial potato, cut in eights (Desiree or white)

1/4 cup rice

1 cup of pasta noodles (or pasta shells)

1 cup of cooked chick peas (certainly, you can employed canned ones to preserve time)

Salt and pepper (in accordance to your preferences)

The Instructions:

Gently cook the sausage parts/balls in a cast iron Dutch oven with vegetable oil more than medium heat till browned. If you really don’t have Dutch oven, a pot or flame evidence-Casserole dish will do just as nicely.

Rinse the dry white beans in cold h2o and tie the ham bone and marrow bone in cheesecloth.

Set the beans, bones in cheesecloth, cooked sausage and ham in the pot or casserole. Fill it up with 8 cups of cold h2o, and incorporate salt in accordance to style.

Bring to a boil, then lower the flames and permit it cook carefully, coated, for about 2 hours. A excellent examination of viewing irrespective of whether it is ready is to check out that the beans are cooked, and irrespective of whether the hen is pretty tender.

Remove the bones and discard them. If you like taking in marrow, and most individuals do, you can preserve it for later on.

Remove the hen parts and set them apart.

If there is only a very little liquid still left, you can incorporate a bit extra h2o.

Bring it to a immediate boil.

When it is boiling, set in the cabbage, potatoes, rice, noodles (or shells), cooked chick peas and incorporate pepper to style.

Transform the flames down to a medium heat.

Cook dinner for 30 minutes. You can examination to see irrespective of whether it is ready by checking on the softness of the rice and potatoes.

Right before serving, set the hen back again within. If it is on a bone, and you really don’t like bones, you can eliminate them from the meat before placing it back again into the pot or casserole.

Cook dinner for a couple of extra minutes. This is so that the hen in the stew/soup is heated back again up.

Time to style.

Provide warm.


Baguettes or other French/Italian bread are the fantastic accompaniment for this dish.


The last final result need to be a blend of stew and soup: imagine of the regularity of split pea soup.

Resource by Yvonne C.

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