Free Dog House Plans

When you finish reading this article, you will have learned what you need to know before building a dog house for your dog. You will also learn where you can go to download a great – and free – plan. Be sure to read this article clear through to the end or you will miss some of this very important information.

Free dog house plans

If you want to build a dog house but are not a carpenter, do not worry. There are free plans available from a number of websites.

But before you order any plans, make sure you have done your home work and know what to look for, such as.

1. Make sure the plan you will keep your dog comfortable in any weather. If your area has cold winters or hot summers, you should probably build an insulated dog house.

2. Measure your dog's height and length – so you can to build a house that will be the right size. If your dog is a puppy, make size adjustments in the plan so you build a house that fits the dog when fully grown.

3. Are there building codes in your area city or town? If so, be sure you understand them before ordering any plans.

4. How about your skills as a carpenter? If you are not an experienced do-it-yourselfer, you might want to choose a plan for a fairly simple house, such as a snoopy style house. On the other hand, if you're a skilled carpenter, you could look for something moor complicated, such as a custom dog house plan.

5. The best plan should either include a partial wall or be large enough that you can add a partial wall. This is so that the dog can escape the elements as necessary.

6. Does the plan you're evaluating have a hinged roof? If not, would it be easy to add hinges? This is important because it makes for easy cleaning. You see, when you clean your dog, you should make sure you also clean the dog's house and bedding.

Some good sources for free plans

There are several sources for free plans I think are worthwhile. They are:


Lowe's has a nice free plan but it is rated Skill Level: Advanced, so treed carefully unless you're a pretty experienced carpenter. This plan has a complete bill of materials, a cut list, information about the paint recommended, and a list of roofing, fasteners and the tools required. There are good instructions for constructing the house and a downloadable PDF of the actual plan.


This site offers a free plan rated "intermediate," so the house should be easier to construct than the one offered by Lowe's. It's called the "Sparky I," and features an insulated floor, roof, and walls, a removable roof for ease of cleaning, a cedar deck with roof, and an optional inner wall. The plan includes a drawing and materials list, and information on the four steps required to build it.

DIY network

This page from the DIY Network consist of a free dog house plan and instructions for building it. There are photos illustrating the various construction steps and a list of the materials required. However, there is no cut diagram so I would rate this plan as more for the advanced DIYers.

Georgia-Pacific Building Materials

Georgia-Pacific has a free plan for a dog house designed to provide a sturdy shelter for a medium sized dog. The GP dog house plan comes as a PDF documents and includes a materials and cut list, a cutting diagram, helpful good illustrations, and step-by-step instructions for building the dog house.

A custom dog house

If you're a serious DIYer and feel up to tackling the construction of a custom dog house, this site offers a free plan may be just what the doctor ordered. Landscape architect Louise Leff created this plan. There are instructions for building this custom dog house and photos illustrating the various steps.

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