Hair Extensions: Do-It-Yourself or Not?

Are you not decided whether to grab a DIY hair extension kit or just head to the salon and have the experts do it for you? Before you decide, you may want to consider a number of things, such as the type of hair extensions you wish to have. Do you want to go with synthetic or the human hair extension? I recommend that you go for the natural human hair extension.

You may discover that human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic types. However, natural extensions stay longer and end styling better. Considering that the main purpose of getting hair extensions is to look fabulous naturally, the best way to achieve that goal is to get the type of extensions that best resembles your natural hair. Human hair extensions are more versatile. You can blow dry without melting the strands and dye it without any problems.

If you're more concerned about the price and wanted to be practical, you may want to get the DIY hair extension kit. However, you must be aware that the result of using DIY kits is not as good as having your hair extensions done in a salon.

Below are some points you can ponder on before deciding what type of hair extensions would you want to get:

Salon: Stylists are trained professionals and they exactly know what they are doing.
Do-It-Yourself (DIY): DIY kits are originally designed for salon professionals to make their work faster and easier. You could possibly get the same result, that is, if you follow the instructions carefully.

Salon: They could blend and match the color of the extensions with your natural hair appropriately. Stylists know what colors to mix to get your shade right.
DIY: There are a wide variety of colors to choose from that fits to your own liking.
Tip: If you can not find a shade exactly like your own, choose one that is lighter. You can color them darker to match your own hair but you can not go lighter in dying extensions. Bleaching or other methods of lightening them will cause dryness and, historically, damage your extensions.

Salon: You just have to sit-back and relax. The stylist will do the rest.
DIY: Reading is a key. Read and follow instructions which are quite simple.

Salon: You could ask tips straight from the professionals. It's easier to clarify concerns with proper care and maintenance.
DIY: Again, read the manual. You can also Google it and search for reviews and videos through the Interenet.

One more thing, in hiring a professional, you will have someone to blame for lousy results, but when you do-it-yourself, you only have yourself to blame! Just kidding!

A lot of DIY extension kits are easy enough for an ordinary person to use. Like salons, they offer a wide variety to choose from synthetic or human extensions, different lengths, colors and textures. All of it still depends on you. Whether you go to a salon or buy a DIY extension kit, it's still your choice that matters.

Source by Raghida H.

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