How to Create a 1960s Flip Hairstyle

So you are off to a 1960s theme bash and want to make a hairstyle of the period? If you have shoulder length hair, then the “Flip” is certainly the hairstyle for you! Created famed by Mary Tyler Moore on “The Mary Tyler Moore Demonstrate” and Elizabeth Montgomery from the well known display “Bewitched”, the “Flip” is undoubtedly a great deal easier to make these days than it was back then. Back in the 1960s, females had to use huge curlers and commit appreciable time under the hooded hair dryer to make this well known style, but these days we have the luxurious of engineering with curling wands and hair dryers to assist make the appear. The “Flip” was basically a style in which the hair was backcombed and then flicked outwards at the ends to make a curl. Some females of this period blended the “Flip” with a bouffant style, in which the hair was teased and the prime layer brushed into a higher, round, significant barrel-like form on prime of the head. Contemporary working day wearers of the “Flip” have integrated Hilary Clinton and Barbara Streisand, but there is a lot less of the puffed up and significant bouffant appear of the 60s.

The “Flip” was and continue to is a pretty feminine and flattering style and seems most effective when the “Flip” ends higher than the shoulders. Depending on the dimension of the curl essential, use both a modest curling wand for a limited curl or a more substantial a person for looser curls.

To accomplish this appear-

  • Ensure your hair is free of as well a great deal products as this could make it challenging to accomplish the “Flip”. Maybe use a mild mousse.
  • Use a curling iron to flip the curl outwards. It is most effective to do this in sections. Use hairspray if vital to maintain it in position.
  • (If your hair is as well prolonged it might not be doable to make the “Flip” as the curls might tumble out.)
  • To make a “bouffant” you want to tease or backcomb the hair from about the crown and then easy around with a brush. Increase hairspray to preserve the style intact.
  • The 1960s was also a time of the headband and the “Flip” can quickly be worn with this accessory.So costume it up with both a huge polyester or crocheted or satin or elasticised headband.You can consist of a bow, feather, bandana or sash and your hairstyle will be back in the 1960s prepared to rock and roll!

Source by Christine Margaret

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