How to Make a Mouth-Wateringly Simple Christmas Fajita Recipe

Christmas is nearly upon us and everyone is getting in that festive mood again, it couldn’t be a happier time for most of us. All those extra days we spend time with family, friends and those closest to us – it’s a time where sharing is encouraged and where we think nothing of spending our hard earned money on others. However, food can be particularly expensive and if you’re not efficient you will find yourself throwing the remains of that expensive Turkey away before you’ve had a chance to think what to do with it!

This Christmas fajita recipe is ideal for making the most of your left-overs whilst still tasting GREAT! This simple fajita recipe follows the same standard principle that first came about in the old Tex-Mex connection… But with a twist! The ingredients are what you might associate with Christmas and the festive season. So here is what you’ll need:

*Please note guys, because left-overs are exactly that, I cannot give quantities for this one.

Fajita Recipe Ingredients:

  • Left-over Turkey
  • Cranberry sauce/jam
  • Broccoli
  • Bacon
  • Tortilla wraps
  • Chicken/vegetable stock gravy

How To Make Your Christmas Fajita Recipe:

  1. Grill the bacon bits until very crisp, they should crumble into little chippings when pressure is applied. Leave to cool slightly and break into small pieces. Bring a pan of water to the boil at this point and throw in the broccoli.
  2. Shred the Turkey up, following the natural grain. Whilst the bacon is grilling, fry the turkey in a very small amount of oil (1 Tbsp should do) over a high heat keeping it constantly moving. Remember, we are merely warming it up again, so it’s important to keep it moving in the pan and using a high heat to not cook it through too much. Heat for a couple of minutes.
  3. Heat up the tortilla wraps in a warm oven or microwave if more convenient. 30 seconds-1 minute should do.
  4. Serve the shredded Turkey onto the wraps and sprinkle bacon bits over. Add cranberry sauce to your taste. This makes the fajita more moist, should any dryness occur from the Turkey.
  5. Take the brocolli off the boil (5 mins) and grate over the wrap contents. Add a small amount of gravy to bring out the flavors and serve.

This is a Christmas fajita recipe the whole family will enjoy and it will save you money by re-using left-over food that you would have otherwise thrown away!

Source by Steve Rendall

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