How to Make Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a common makeup choice for women of all ages. This is even true for those who do not typically wear "real" makeup. It is used to give the lips a glossy texture and sometimes may even give off a minority color, not as prominent as lipstick would. Depending how the lip gloss comes, it can come clear, translucent or in a variety of different opacities, such that they look frosted, metallic, glittered or more. There are several ways to make lip gloss.

Method One

Gather a bowl of a tasty drink flavor of Kool-Aid powder. Alternately, get food flavoring. Add some water so that it makes a fine paste and add two drops of food coloring. Mix a small amount of petroleum jelly so that it thickens. Put this mixture into a small container. Instant lip gloss, complete.

Method Two

Take a small amount of petroleum jelly and place it into a bowl, mixing in as much drink flavor as desired. Alternately, try something a bit more creative such as melting Pop-Rocks, candy canes or any other candy. Stir it well and then microwave the mixture for fifteen seconds. Add a little bit of water and microwave for ten more seconds. Allow cooling for five minutes and this lip gloss method is complete as well.

Method Three

This one requires a few different ingredients. Take two tablespoons of Crisco, half a tablespoon of petroleum jelly and a tablespoon of drink powder and put them all into a bowl. Mix thoroughly and microwave for about thirty seconds. Pour the mixture into a container, sometimes an old lip gloss container. Set it into the freezer until it is frozen solid. When this is frozen solid, place in the fridge for an hour. Test to ensure it is a good mixture. Method complete. This method works best with neutral colors.

Method Four

Take a small amount of petroleum jelly into a microwavable bowl. Microwave for two minutes and fifteen seconds. Stir it until it is entirely liquid. Proceed to add any desired flavoring. As a suggestion, try coca powder and vanilla extract. Alternately, try the old Kool-Aid method or branch out to lemonade mixes. Put it all into a jar and let it cool for about half an hour. Method complete

Method Five

Take some old, unwanted eyeshadow and get a sample of it using a cotton swab. Place the scrapings into an old lip gloss container. Add some petroleum jelly. Stir it until it is as pastey as thick glue. Add a tablespoon of any drink flavoring, if desired. Method complete.


Look over at all of the different methods and choose the one that is most suitable. Looking at all of these methods should provide a spark of creativity, especially because these different methods allow for some experimentation to best fit the desired outcome. Feel free to experiment a little bit with the ingredients.

Heat up some old lip stick and add it to the mixture for color. Remember to apply the lip gloss with clean fingers.

As a last tip, if any of the flavorings happen to be Crystal Light, do not add water. This will cause it to turn orange and it will not properly mix into the petroleum jelly.

You can learn more about how to make lip gloss here.

Source by Ray T. Lewis

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