LGB G Scale Trains – Tips For Outdoor Railroading

LGB G scale trains are a wonderful, diverse option for the model railroad enthusiast. These trains are a larger scale, and so they have many advantages over the smaller HO and N scale trains. For one thing, an amazing outdoor train layout can be created and accented with landscaping. As a matter of fact, outdoor LGB G scale trains are as much about gardening and landscaping skills as about the interesting model train. It is not uncommon for model railroad fans to have both indoor and outdoor layouts.

Why Outdoor Garden Railroading?

Installed outdoors, LBG model trains add a great deal of interest and excitement to your yard. It’s there for everyone to enjoy, because it’s not hidden away in the basement or another unused room. There are many more options for building and accessorizing your layout thanks to the multitude of landscape and scenery options. You can even add actual water, rocks, flowers, hills and valleys; you are only limited by your imagination. And LGB G scale trains have the durability to handle the tougher demands of an outdoor layout.

Why LGB Model Trains?

With LGB model trains, the equipment is built on a larger scale, making it much easier to work with. HO scale model trains are on a scale of 1:87, but G scales are a scale of only a 1:22.5, making them more than three times the size of an HO set. LGB also means that you will enjoy greater quality and reliability.

Indoors Versus Outdoors; Protecting LGB Model Trains

It is true that the LGB and garden G scale trains are designed to be left outside, but many enthusiasts often bring their trains inside when they are not actually running. While LGB model trains are designed for outdoor reliability, equipment weathers more quickly in the elements. Having an indoor options will prevent the weather, rain, animals and especially the sun’s ultraviolet rays from wearing down and damaging your prized G scale train. Obviously, the track could stay outside as it’s an integral part of the landscaping, and they weather will not hurt it as it’s meant to be left outdoors. In fact, snow can be removed from the tracks either by hand or with the train. For extra fun you can outfit your G scale train with a plow or wedge and then watch the train clear the snow from the tracks.

Landscaping and Scenery

The roadbed should be raised above ground level to simplify maintenance, and it also look lovely and very clean with a raised bed.

One popular method for raising the roadbed is to use retaining blocks, then backfill around the blocks with dirt and gravel. You can also utilize pressure treated landscape timbers for this. Pressure treated landscape lumber has the added benefit of being more weather resistant and stronger then chemically treated wood. You can also cut it to build ramps, bridges and other interesting architectural elements.

As you are planning your train track route, be sure to consider your landscaping that will go around it. A rock garden makes a lovely addition to the outdoor G scale train layout.

Be creative with your scenery! For example, birdfeeders can be converted to model buildings for even more interest and variety. With a little planning, you can create a phenomenal G scale outdoor train layout that will bring you, your family, friends and neighbors pleasure for years to come.

Outdoor model trains are a great way add attraction to one’s backyard space. And LGB G scale trains are a strong choice for outdoor railroading. Consider the outdoor option featuring a model railroad instead of hiding the layout in a basement.

Source by Mike E. Foster

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