NVQ Level 2 Beauty – How to Pass Your Exams

In buy to qualify for NVQ Stage 2 Elegance you should have properly passed the NVQ Stage 1.

The Elegance Remedy Stage 2 program will take amongst 1 – 2 yrs to total and can be divided into the next modules:

Skin Care & Facial Massage
Manicure & Pedicure
Hair Removal Solutions i.e. Waxing
Eye Treatments
Make Up Tactics
Wellness & Basic safety
IT & Communication

Exam success in NVQ Stage 2 Elegance can occur effortlessly the moment you have a very well well balanced, structured revision program. Working with many selection inquiries is the most efficient way to study the natural beauty modules.

With these form of inquiries you get one concern with 4 solutions. Only one respond to should be picked out. This is excellent when researching since you should know the respond to, you can not guess it, there is no space for mistake.

Some examples are as follows:

01. A mild beige basis with warm tones of pink or peach would be acceptable for which skin color?
a) Truthful – Reply
b) Olive
c) Sallow
d) Mild brown

02. The area layer of the epidermis is recognized as
a) Stratum lucidum
b) Stratum corneum – Reply
c) Stratum spinosum
d) Stratum germinativum

03. Koilonychia describes
a) Claw nails
b) Nail separation from the nail mattress
c) A flat or concave nail plate – Reply
d) Split or brittle nails

04. Why must waxing not get put on a client with diabetes?
a) Due to loss of skin sensitivity – Reply
b) Better skin sensitivity
c) Risk of varicose veins showing up
d) Better risk of ingrowing hairs

Working with many selection inquiries on a constant foundation will make improvements to your grades and assistance you to move your exams with relieve.

Supply by Katie Tierney

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