One Way to Dye Your Own Carpets

The tan carpet in #216 was shot.

It was hopeless.

A new carpet was essential.

That intended pulling up the old just one, scraping off the pad, and then contacting the carpet gentleman and shelling out $1000 or more.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault.

The carpet had served properly.

But, on nearer evaluation, I resolved it wasn’t genuinely in that undesirable of form.

It didn’t have frayed edges, or worn down places, and the nap was continue to really superior. It just appeared horrible. Bleach places, stains, dim trails down the hallway and into the living place, and mild places exactly where the sunlight had hit it on a daily foundation through the windows.

No just one would lease the apartment with a carpet in that condition.

I steam cleaned it in hopes that it would be miraculously healed.

No this kind of luck.

Then it hit me.

Why not test dyeing the bleached out places to mix in with the carpet.

I bought an 8 ounce bottle of RIT tan dye (the form you use for dyeing garments) at the drug shop for $4, blended a small in a spray bottle with steaming hot drinking water, shook it up and sprayed the places.

They came out a brassy brown, practically nothing like the color of the current carpet.

I had the carpet professionally steam cleaned. Undoubtedly they could execute a miracle.


But I found that my dyeing position above the bleached out places had maintained its first color.

Then it transpired to me, why not test dyeing the whole carpet to match the places I had sprayed?

Two photographs came to brain on how I could do this.

I could mix the dye with hot drinking water in my small steam cleaner (just one like you would lease at the market) or I could use a pump up backyard garden sprayer. I resolved on the sprayer due to the fact the tenant down below had experienced through adequate steam cleansing sounds.

I bought an ACE Sprayer for $24.

I blended 8 tablespoons of dye into the 2 quarts of steaming hot drinking water in the sprayer, screwed in the pump, shook up the contents and pumped it up.

I put four 1″x 6″ x 3′ pieces of wood alongside the edges of the walls so as not to get dye on the white paint. I altered the nozzle on the sprayer to a wonderful spray and commenced.

I moved the boards as I dyed, but soon after a even though as I turned acquainted with the sprayer, I didn’t genuinely want them.

Also, soon after dyeing a area, and right before reloading the sprayer, I utilised my small Bissell carpet sweeper to even out the places I had sprayed and operate the dye into the carpet.

But continue to, the bleached out places didn’t match the total carpet color soon after I concluded dyeing.

So the upcoming day I used another coat.

Superior, but continue to not superior adequate.

Then I went back to the shop for more dye, but they didn’t have anymore tan. I went to three other outlets, but no tan.

So, I purchased RIT’s dim brown dye.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I put 4 tablespoons of this darker dye into my 2 quarts of steaming hot drinking water, pumped up the sprayer and used another coat.

That is when the magic commenced to transpire.

The darker brown genuinely kicked in.

The trails down the hallway disappeared, as did the mild places underneath the windows.

The carpet began to seem like a genuine carpet again, but the bleached out places continue to dyed a somewhat darker shade than the relaxation of the carpet.

To compensate for this I dyed other components of the carpet darker by spraying more dye on them, and continued utilizing my carpet sweeper to even out the dye and operate it into the nap. My goal was to mix all the things jointly.

It labored… somewhat.

I used two coats of the dim brown dye, about $12 worthy of of dye, above a 700 sq. foot region.

It was easy, and pleasurable to do.

By the time I used the 2nd coat the carpet appeared just about new.

Due to the fact I have obsessed above the bleached out stains in the carpet I can continue to uncover some of them, but not all. There is a slight darkening in the carpet exactly where they at the time existed, but when a possible tenant came through to lease the apartment, and I defined to her what I had finished, she glanced at it, said it appeared wonderful, and went to seem at the kitchen.

My daughter and my neighbor also considered the carpet and both said it appeared fantastic, greater than their personal carpets.

But I know it’s not perfect. It went from a D- or F to a C+/ B- or probably even a B, and those people grades genuinely count on what angle you seem at the carpet from.

My father mentioned that the dye could be toxic.

I hadn’t thought of that. I figured if you could dye your garments with it you could surely do a carpet.

But to be secure I identified as RIT, the makers of the dye, and their representative certain me that all their dyes are non-toxic, but that they don’t advocate utilizing them on carpets due to the fact some of their prospects have identified as and said the dye rubs off above time.

I went back up to #216, soaked a rag with steaming hot drinking water, and tried using to rub off the dye in a number of places.

Very little transpired.

Perhaps in time the dye will use off in properly traveled places.

I am not guaranteed.

Time will explain to.

But if it does use off, and the carpet is continue to usable, why not dye those people places again, like repainting walls, or staining wood doors and trim that expertise use and tear?

P.S. My daughter instructed that I involve this following thought: Why not reduce out a stencil of your most loved layout, say a star or elephant, location it above the stain or bleached out place, and then spray the dye into the stencil. A good deal less complicated than dyeing the whole carpet!

Just a thought.

Resource by Jim Muckle

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