T5 Vs T8 – The Best Grow Light for Indoor Gardening

Two Fluorescent Improve Lights On the Industry

In the lookup for indoor fluorescent developing lights, you might have listened to that T8 fluorescent lamps are much more efficient than standard T12. You might have also listened to excitement about the other new fluorescent developing lights, the T5 Significant Output (HO). So what are the pros and cons of these two distinct systems? How do they compare and which is most effective for your backyard?

The Distinction

The simple variation amongst these two fluorescent bulbs is mirrored in their names. The T8 bulbs are 8 eighths of an inch in diameter (equivalent to 1 inch thick). The T5 bulbs are thinner at 5/8 of 1 inch thick.

Numerous indoor gardeners desire T8 expand lamps in excess of T12 because they develop much more general lumens than normal T12 fluorescent bulbs, have a for a longer time lifestyle and are much more efficient.

The gain of the T5 superior output bulbs is that they are even much more efficient than the T8 by about 9%, can develop much more light in a scaled-down quantity of space, and use less wattage (75 to 90 lumens for each watt). T5 HO also have superior shade rendering properties (CRI) meaning they are much more visually desirable. (The shade rendering index is only important when you treatment about how the light looks to the human eye but not automatically important to vegetation, having said that.)

Nevertheless, irrespective of greater effectiveness, T5 bulbs call for distinct much more pricey fixtures. Another draw back is that they are inclined to have a decreased lifestyle span of all over 10,000 several hours as when compared to the average 20,000 several hours of T12s, and 30,000 several hours of T8 tubes.

If you look really hard adequate, you can uncover T5 bulbs with for a longer time lifestyle spans, so make positive to look at this specification in advance of buying.


Both equally the T5 and the T8 bulbs can properly be used as the most important source of lights, as well as supplemental lights for your indoor backyard.

T5 bulbs do emit much more lumens and set off much more heat than other fluorescent lights, so you might want to use a smaller supporter to preserve your vegetation amazing when underneath these bulbs.

So with all of the this comparative information and facts, the apparent winner would be…

Hold the Push!

Before you go out and acquire your new, much more efficient T5 expand light, you will find yet another, even more recent selection you will want to take into account!

This most current fluorescent light technologies is named the “Super T8”, and is basically a superior output T8 bulb that rivals the effectiveness of the T5 HO bulbs, and has a couple much more pros, these kinds of as for a longer time lifespan.

Before you go out and buy any other Significant Output bulb, you will unquestionably want to master much more about the Super T8 bulb to see if it might be the appropriate indoor expand light for you.

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