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A professional medical health practitioner in Scarsdale, New York brought the Scarsdale Diet plan to the mainstream general public in the 1970’s. These days, a lot of persons nevertheless uncover the Scarsdale Diet plan is capable to assist them realize their weight decline objectives, but may well uncover the obscure define of the Scarsdale approach seems unexciting. The subsequent is a one particular-working day approach of Scarsdale food plan recipes and meals for people who are fascinated in a delicious way to lose weight.

The approach must be adopted specifically as published, with no substitutions (except if indicated in any other case). This one particular-working day approach of Scarsdale food plan recipes and meals has recipes (when indicated) at the finish of the one particular-working day food approach.

Day One particular:


.5 x Grapefruit or 6 ounces grapefruit juice. The grapefruit (not juice) is encouraged for ideal outcomes.

1 slice of protein toast (you may well toast it, but incorporate no butter or spreads)

Coffee, tea, drinking water or food plan soda. (Any non calorie/non carb drink may well be substituted, nonetheless view your sodium content on these.) DO NOT incorporate any sugar, milk, cream or honey. You may well use non-calorie sweeteners these kinds of as saccharin, splenda, equivalent, aspartame, truvia, etcetera.


One particular broiled lean Zesty hamburger (roughly the sizing of your palm) *see Scarsdale food plan recipes and meals beneath* (you may well incorporate tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup and mustard if you would like. No mayonnaise or other condiments are permitted, although.)

Two slices of protein toast

Italian marinated salad *see Scarsdale food plan recipes and meals beneath*

Coffee, tea, drinking water, or food plan soda. You may well incorporate lemon to tea or drinking water for included flavor and the lemon will act as a purely natural diuretic to flush body fat, ketones and toxic compounds from the process.


Seasoned Fish with Japanese Vegetables *see Scarsdale recipes and meals beneath *

One particular slice of cantaloupe

Coffee, tea, food plan soda, or drinking water

Scarsdale Diet plan Recipes and Foods Directions:

Zesty Hamburger Scarsdale Recipes (and Foods)

Shopping List:

One particular pound lean ground chuck

One particular tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

One particular-teaspoon ground pepper

One particular-teaspoon garlic powder

Tiny finely chopped onion

Combine all components collectively. Patty out into four equivalent portioned burgers. Broil for fifteen minutes or until juices run obvious.

Can make four servings

Italian Marinade Salad Scarsdale Recipes (and meals)


4 cups mixed lettuce greens of your preference

Two tomatoes slash into wedges

16 eco-friendly or black olives sliced

One particular medium cucumber slash julienne type (short skinny sticks)

One particular quarter of a medium red onion, diced.


1/4 cup red wine vinegar

.5 x teaspoon fresh garlic (chopped finely)One particular teaspoon Italian seasoning

One particular beef bouillon dice crushed finely

.5 x teaspoon ground black pepper

Combine dressing components collectively and allow stand 15 minutes.

Toss greens collectively in a massive bowl. Pour dressing about greens and toss once again. Can make four one particular cup servings.

Seasoned Fish with Japanese Vegetables Scarsdale Diet plan Recipes (and meals)

4 six-ounce tilapia (or other white fish) fillets

One particular lemon, quartered into wedges

Two cups fresh eco-friendly beans

Two carrots, grated

.5 x medium red onion

One particular eco-friendly pepper, cored and sliced

One particular cup sliced fresh mushrooms

One particular-cup snow pea pods (do not substitute regular peas)

Put Tilapia fillets in a skillet sprayed with vegetable spray. Sprinkle salt, pepper, thyme, oregano and ginger powder on top rated of them. Steam until completed. Clear away from skillet and squeeze one particular lemon wedge about each filet. Established aside. When skillet is nevertheless very hot incorporate greens to skillet (go away any liquid from cooking the fish in the skillet). Saute greens about medium heat until comfortable but nevertheless agency. When greens are cooked, position four equivalent parts onto plates and top rated with fish fillets. Provide. Can make four servings.

This one particular-working day approach of Scarsdale Diet plan recipes and meals is just a sample of the tasteful recipes you can make and nevertheless stay inside of the Scarsdale Diet plan program. You have absolutely nothing but weight to lose by making an attempt it.

Resource by Pieter West

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