The Latest in DIY Half Updos

The half updo is an alternative to the updo for women who do not want to put all their hair up. Historically speaking, women were the half up to signify that they were still available. It frames and opens up the face at the same time. It keeps the hair away from the face without that severe look that sometimes comes with the updo. This style is very convenient for women who stay at home or work as it keeps the hair away from your eyes, but at the same time allows you to show off your mane. The half updo is easy to style and manage. It can be worn to any occasion.

You do not need to go to the hair dressers 'or stylists' for that great everyday half-do. You can do it by yourself, at home. For the basic half updo, simply comb back your hair and gather the upper half of it in your hand, secure this half with your favorite hair clip, scrunchie or hair claw. Another easy to do style is to part your hair down the middle or on the side. Again, gather the upper part of each section and secure it with a barrette or hair comb or your favorite accessory.

The half updo is a popular hairstyle that can be worn by women with either straight or curly hair. It can be accented with your favorite hair accessories. This style has become popular for proms, weddings and any affair. Celebrities have been wearing the half updo to various red carpet events.

The two most popular half updo style is the side part half updo and the classic half pony tail with the top teased into a high quiff. Both are easy to do by yourself.

It is important to note that before styling your hair, it should be clean. So shampoo and condition your hair before styling it. Apply your favorite leave-on conditioner or styling mousse to party damp hair and blow-dry. For the side part half updo, part your hair on your preferred side. Gather about a fourth of your hair to the back of your head and secure it with your favorite hair accessory. Arrange the front of your hair by pulling it low to the forehead to make bangs. This classic look is great for any occasion and is easy to do.

The second style is my personal favorite. It adds height and volume to your hair. Tease the front of your hair into a high quiff. You can use a medium hold hair gel for this. Then simply gather your hair into a half pony tail and secure with your favorite hair accessory. This style is a variant to the half pony tail and has become popular slowly. If you do not want to tease your hair, an alternative is to secure the top front of your hair with a small colored rubber band.

You do not have to worry if a few tendrils escape you. Celebrities often wear their half updos the messy, casual way. This way it is softer, sexier and more feminine. The key to achieving the perfect half updo is to experiment with different styles and hair accessories. Give yourself time to find the right style that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Source by Linda Bexlorth

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