Types of Yeast Free Food

People with yeast intolerance do not have to worry about how to avoid foods with yeast. There are many yeast free dishes available and you can be assured that you will not be deprived of delicious and appetizing foods.

A yeast free diet can be easily achieved with the following food source::

Plain boiled rice is an ideal food source for people suffering from yeast intolerance. Most rice dishes do not contain yeast except for dishes that uses soya sauce in their cooking. Soya sauce used in fried rice contains yeast. However, soya sauce can be substituted by tamari sauce, which is similar to soya sauce except it is gluten free and yeast free. 

A mixture of crunchy and fresh green salad is a healthy food choice. Salad creams however are to be avoided. Create your own salad dressing using fruit juice with vegetable oil. An example of yeast free salad dressing is a blend of orange juice, herbs and olive oil. Vegetables provide one of the best sources of vitamins essential to our well being. Boil, steamed or stir fry vegetable. Remember not to overcook vegetables as it will destroy its important nutrients.

Substitute breakfast cereals like rice crispies, oat cakes and oat porridge instead of bread for a hearty and nutritious breakfast.

You can have enjoy a delicious meal of fish, pork, beef, chicken and other meat products as long as you avoid adding  ingredients that contain yeast ,such as gravy, sauces, cheese and yeast extracts. Grilled, roast or stir fry meat dishes with seasoning like salt, pepper, sesame oil and herbs for lunch or dinner.

Source by Jennifer Lim

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