Ugly Holes in Your Travertine? Fix Them As Easy As 1-2-3!

Not only are lacking fill holes in travertine unpleasant, they can also lead to extra sizeable issues about time. When your travertine loses fill, the region quickly around the gap no longer has actual physical aid and gets to be much extra inclined to additional destruction. Moreover, the gap remaining by the lacking fill will choose on water, cleansing remedy, dirt, or whichever else falls into it.  This will at some point final result in spalling, microbial progress, and inside destruction to the stone.  With this in brain, it is vital to guarantee you keep on prime of any fill reduction that happens.

There are a few procedures for repairing travertine fill reduction: epoxy / polyester resins, non-sanded grout, and water-activated vinyl adhesives.  Epoxy / polyester resins are generally not proposed for home owner use.  They are toxic, challenging to do the job with, and have to have toxic and flammable solvents for clean up up.  Grout is not proposed due to the truth the repairs just don’t past.  We strongly propose the use of water activated vinyl adhesives.  They are non-toxic, non-flammable, effortless to use, and extensive long lasting.

If you do not have accessibility to a water-activated vinyl merchandise, we have an excellent kit for sale that incorporates anything you will need to carry out qualified top quality repairs.  To discover extra about our Travertine Filler Kit, pay a visit to us at one-way links supplied in the Resource Box, beneath.

Before following the fix guidelines beneath, guarantee your travertine is clean up and dry.

1.) Fill 1 of the mixing cups involving 1/2 and 2/3 comprehensive of TraverFill Powder.

2.) Include a Modest sum of water and mix with 1 of the mixing sticks supplied in your kit.  Continue incorporating water until eventually the mixture reaches the consistency of peanut butter.  If you accidentally incorporate much too much water, just incorporate a modest sum of TraverFill until eventually the desired consistency is achieved. 

Crucial:  Continue to mix the merchandise until eventually it is completely sleek and all air bubbles are worked out. You will now have 15-20 minutes to use the merchandise before it starts to established up to the issue it is no longer usable.

Crucial: IF THE Product SETS UP TO THE Stage IT IS Tricky TO USE, DO NOT Include Far more Water. Including Far more Water Soon after THE First Combine WILL CHEMICALLY WEAKEN THE Combination AND YOUR FILLS WILL Fall short.  Combine A NEW BATCH!

3.) Making use of 1 of the mixing sticks supplied in your kit, choose a modest sum of the TraverFill mix and completely pack the holes comprehensive of TraverFill mixture.  Do the job the mixture by pressing down firmly a number of instances until eventually all the air is pressured out of the holes and they are completely filled. 

ProTip: When filling modest, deep holes, use a toothpick in a circular motion inside the gap to help launch trapped air as you incorporate fill.

4.) Keeping 1 of the mixing sticks at a 45 diploma angle towards the stone, Gently pull the stick towards you to clear away excessive Traverfill from the area of the gap. 

The area of the filled gap must now be flush with the area of the stone and quite sleek in appearance.

5.) Moisten the sponge supplied with the kit and use it to wipe any large quantities of residue off the stone. Crucial:  Do not wipe the filled holes with the sponge.  Carrying out so will clear away the uncured TraverFill mixture from the holes!

6.) Soon after 2 hours, examine the filled holes for any sinkage.  If the TraverFill mixture has “sunk” in the holes (at times transpires if air was even now existing in the holes or the stone drew extreme quantities of humidity from the TraverFill mix), merely repeat Things 2-5 with a new batch of TraverFill mixture.

7.)  Enable the mixture to get rid of in the holes for 24 hours. Get rid of any remaining residue on the stone with the moistened sponge.  It is now harmless to use the sponge in filled regions.

Resource by John Forguson

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