Vanilla Ice – Rapper, Reality Star and Home Remodeling Expert

When you mention the name Vanilla Ice, most people only remember the rapper with the bad haircut and that interminable hook that gets stuck in your head before you can stop it.

However that was a long time ago, over twenty years in fact, and these days Rob Van Winkle is still making a lot of money but in a very different way, as a new show debuting on the cable channel The DIY Network showcases.

For the last two decades Van Winkle has been a "house flipper" and he says that even in a down real estate market he's still making money.

The new show "The Vanilla Ice Project", began on Thursday October 14th at 9pm. The first episode chronicled one of his current remodeling projects, a 7,000 square foot mansion in Wellington, Florida.

He paid $ 420,000 for the house and after adding $ 300,000 in home improvements he intends to put it on the market for a cool $ 1 million.

Exactly what has Ice added to the home so far? A full home theater in the attic is just one of the new features and it not only boasts electric curtains but "mood sensing" lighting as well.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about all this is that Van Winkle does most of the actual remodeling work himself. Upcoming episodes of the show feature Ice and his new crew creating a racetrack in the garage, completely renovating a swimming pool and installing some very high end cabinets in a previously dilapidated kitchen which had been ruined when the previous occupants decided to rip out and take most of the built ins with them.

Source by Ursula K Rose

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