What Are Pigtails?

There truly is not a huge discussion on this subject matter, but there are some distinctions of belief. This report appears to be at some of the differing views relevant to pigtails hairstyle definition, attempts to come across some middle floor (maybe unsuccessfully), and closes with this author’s have definition and description of the best pigtails.

A ponytail is when the hair is tied jointly into a bunch and hanging from the back again of the head. Most would concur on that. But if that ponytail is braided, is it continue to a ponytail? Some say it is, many others say that this is named a braid. The same query applies to pigtails, the most frequent phrase for the accumulating of the hair into twin ponytails (1 on either side of the head). Can pigtails be braided and continue to be named pigtails? Do the phrases “braided pigtails” and “unbraided pigtails” make sense? Some argue that “braided pigtails” are just “braids” and not pigtails at all!

The Random Residence University Dictionary defines “pigtail” as “a braid of hair hanging down the back again of the head.” Huh? It refers to A single pigtail hangs down the back again of the head, and calls it a braid? Hmm, there is certainly no point out of TWO pigtails at all! Anything doesn’t feel appropriate listed here. The dictionary entry for “ponytail” matches the definition I gave earlier mentioned. So what’s up with all this? Is the dictionary incorrect? Are there a number of dialectal or regional phrases for twin ponytails, for this reason the problem for a dictionary to correctly address the word’s definition? Has the definition been too fluid over time for the dictionary to pin it down? And why doesn’t the definition include the phrase “the cutest hairstyle ever?”

The term pigtail is also a wire cabling phrase that applies to a unique technique for terminating an electrical cable’s braided protect. (There’s that term “braid” again!) An additional technical, and even far more contemporary, use of the term pigtail is for some type of wi-fi add-ons for radios or cell telephones, or one thing like that – I haven’t completely figured this 1 out yet.

A several yrs ago, a study was performed in a faculty classroom about the phrase pigtails. The pupils fairly considerably agreed that pigtails are two ponytails, 1 on each individual side of the head, and that they are unable to be braided. If they were braided, they were named braids. The course instructor, staying of a distinct technology, had a distinct definition. He thought that pigtails especially meant two braids and that two unbraided ponytails really should basically be named doggie tails. My personalized examination of this “experiment” is just this: The instructor need to have been elderly, or practically so, and probably shedding his memory, so who is aware what his technology truly named “twin ponytails.” And doggie tails? There is no way I could ever adapt to utilizing these a phrase. The term puppy, or nearly anything like it, can hardly ever be made use of to explain a female with the playfulness, boldness, and/or excellent self-esteem to dress in her hair in pigtails. The pupils plainly had a considerably superior cope with on what pigtails are all about.

So, wherever does this leave us? There appears to be generational distinctions and probably regional or dialectal distinctions contributing to the discussion (if you would call it that). So, I’ll place it this way: Pigtails are two gatherings of hair hanging on the remaining and appropriate sides of the head. They may possibly be braided or unbraided. But I’ll incorporate my tastes listed here as nicely, due to the fact the way I see it, there is certainly 1 appropriate type of pigtail. Pigtails are much far more beautiful when unbraided. They really should be found on the sides of the head, possibly a small driving and earlier mentioned the ears. Pigtails that are too significant on the head, too small, or too much around in back again, just really don’t have the true spirit of pigtails. And pigtails without having this true spirit are just unable to function their undeniable magic on the wearer and all those around her.

Source by Alan Decker

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